Dive Into Terror
"Lt. Nick Cutter, the Terorist's Terrorist"

“A neatly tied-together little thriller ... a nicely woven novel that pounds along like a locomotive.”

--Harry Crumpacker, The Tampa Tribune

“Nick Cutter is a macho Navy SEAL with the power to kill like a Rambo with gills ... an old-fashioned action yarn straight out of the Mickey Spillane school of tough-guy fiction.”

--Mark Hinson, The Tallahassee Democrat

“Cruts shows the kind of promise of the early Clancy.  This is an author, and a continuing saga, worth following.”

--Scott Ceier, The Key West Citizen

“Those who like non-stop action will love this book ... frothing, roiling ocean of feints and parries -with knives, guns, and wits.”

--Peggy May, Northwest Florida Daily News

“There’s a new hero on the American literary scene, and his name is Cutter, Nick Cutter ... one part Lloyd Bridges in ‘Sea Hunt,’ one part Harrison Ford in ‘Clear and Present Danger,’ a pinch of James Garner in ‘The Rockford Files,’ and a dash of author Randy Cruts.”

--Mark Bradley,  Pensacola News Journal

Controlled Insanity
“Lt. Nick Cutter, the Terrorist's Terrorist”

Quarter-finalist * 12th Annual Writer's Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (2005)

“...fast-paced joy ride into the world of international terrorism and drug-dealing ... a fight of good vs. evil as the action mounts.”

--Bobbie Hess, San Francisco Examiner

“The novel is full of action double-crosses and international espionage.”

--Troy Espe, The News Herald,  Panama City, Florida

“Where there are heroes, there also are heroines, and in the pages, the reader will meet brave and beautiful women, as well as prostitutes.”

--Peggy May, Northwest Florida Daily News

“Cruts has written a second fast-paced, military thriller...the plot makes time for some equally sexy and tough women...Cruts creates a great villain in the character of Volfram.  This Muslim assassin was trained by the Soviets and then recruited as an enforcer by a Honduran drug lord.”

–Mimi Schroeder,  Pensacola News Journal