Born into piracy but reprieved by the Crown, a teen battles his feared legacy in an unrelenting pursuit of an honest life. After being drummed out of the King’s Navy, treachery and betrayal offers only one choice; accept the past as the future and make those that shunned him pay. The Demon Child has come of age. 
Dragon's Mist
An old lady marked for death by the Russian mob can’t even depend on the FBI for Protection. The only hope for survival lies in the hands of her nephew and he brings his secret weapon – A fire breathing dragon.

Controlled Insanity
(Based on the Novel Controlled Insanity)
American born and navy trained, the Terrorist Neutralization/Hostage Extraction Squad members learn that Terrorists’ attacks, drug running, assassinations and hijackings aren’t the more abhorrent threats to America’s national security but find it to be their own elected leaders.

A Past Unlived
Engulfed in ball lightning and hurling toward a future from a past he never lived, a man finds his young family fully grown and his wife married to the detective that investigated his disappearance.

The Continuum
Keeping only a few paces ahead of an abusive husband, a future historian travels time observing the past in the present while searching for love from a man long since gone many centuries ago.

What Truly Matters
Jumping out of airplanes, falling off horses and crashing cars is easy compared to this Hollywood stuntman’s most challenging gag of his career — raising his niece and nephew after the tragic death of his brother. (A Family Affair for the new millennium.)

Today the Tiger Smiled
During the turbulent times of the sixties antiwar movement, a hardened combat veteran and his draft-dodging son find themselves finally bridging the generation gap in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam.

Twelve Months and Twenty Days
Written by Buck Welcher & Randy Cruts  (Based on true events) 
Finally in Vietnam with only one thought on his mind, survival.   And the countdown begins for the young marine.