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Inspired by true events, Controlled Insanity exposes the darker side of national defense. Lieutenant Nick Cutter and his covert counter-terrorist team not only have to contend with global terrorists and international drug cartels but they must also deal with America's dirty politicians. Not ever knowing from what periphery the next enemy will emerge, the Terrorist Neutralization/Hostage Extraction Squad hammers its way through terrorists' attacks, drug runners, assassinations, highjackings, kidnappings, and political corruption. In this thought provoking piece of literature, America's most hideous threat to its national security is revealed... her own elected leaders.

“ joy ride into the world of international terrorism and drug-dealing… a fight of good vs. evil as the action mounts.”

--Bobbie Hess, San Francisco Examiner

“The novel is full of action double-crosses and international espionage.”

--Troy Espe, The News Herald, Panama City, Florida

“Where there are heroes, there also are heroines, and in the pages, the reader will meet brave and beautiful women, as well as prostitutes.”

--Peggy May, Northwest Florida Daily News

“Cruts has written a second fast-paced, military thriller… the plot makes time for some equally sexy and tough women... Cruts creates a great villain in the character of Volfram.  This Muslim assassin was trained by the Soviets and then recruited as an enforcer by a Honduran drug lord.”

--Mimi Schroeder, Pensacola News Journal