THE THREAT: The Islamic ibn Allah (ISA), a newly formed terrorist organization is in the process of uniting all terrorist factions worldwide. Global by nature, the ISA's area of operation is currently limited to Europe but plans are in the works to wreak terror internationally.  What makes it scary? They are organized and grow by the hour.

THE ANSWER: Nick Cutter, a lieutenant in the United States Navy with the warfare specialty of SEAL, is recruited by an elite counter-terrorist team, the Terrorist Neutralization/Hostage Extraction Squad (TNHES or Tennis Team). His new mission, eliminate the most important cell of the ISA. This squad is more covert than SEAL Team Six or Delta force; no records of their being exist. No paper or financial trails can lead anyone to the Tennis Team keeping their stealth capabilities intact. Lieutenant Cutter signs on under the conditions that the US Government will maintain complete deniability.

REASON: The Tennis Team abandons all civilized rules of engagement. Cutter and his men Meet terrorists on their own terms, neutralize all ISA members on the scene, and take no prisoners unless otherwise directed.

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Inspired by true events, Controlled Insanity exposes the darker side of national defense. Lieutenant Nick Cutter and his covert counter-terrorist team not only have to contend with global terrorists and international drug cartels but they must also deal with America's dirty politicians. Not ever knowing from what periphery the next enemy will emerge, the Terrorist Neutralization/Hostage Extraction Squad hammers its way through terrorists' attacks, drug runners, assassinations, highjackings, kidnappings, and political corruption. In this thought provoking piece of literature, America's most hideous threat to its national security is revealed...her own elected leaders.