Twelve Months & Twenty Days

Finally, in Vietnam with only one thought on his mind, survival. 

And the countdown begins for the young marine…

Twelve Months and Twenty Days.


Buck Welcher & Randy Cruts
Vietnam Vets have never received the honorable recognition they deserve.  I was a naval aviation candidate of a distinguished Vietnam Veteran, Gunnery Sergeant Buck Welcher, U.S.M.C.
My former drill instructor, Buck, and I wrote the story depicting his two tours in Vietnam. 
The story focus avoids politics and centers around the reality of young men going off to war with some surviving and some not so lucky.
Every scene in this script was experienced or witnessed by Buck Welcher.
“Since the first recorded conflict, war has remained a constant perpetuation of evil.  Weapons have improved, the names of countries change but the faces don’t.  Reasons never matter to the warrior.  It’s his duty.  Even today with all the technology we have, it still comes down to one fact, two young warriors locked in a battle to the death.  Sadly, the result of this really only matters to the grieving family of the loser.  A single death bears no impact on the end result, only mass numbers affect change.  But nowhere is that single loss felt more than by those who have lost a brother on the field of battle.”